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What will be the legacy you leave behind?

Our time on earth is limited. Nobody lives forever. However, there is a way to extend our short lifespans and that is to leave a shining legacy behind. A legacy that will have people benefit from our life’s work and pray for us long after we are dead and gone. A life lived for making this world a better place for everyone is a life worth living. A selfless life is a fulfilled, happy life. So, in light of these wisdoms, what should be our legacy? What should shape our lives that we live it making the world a better place for everyone? The answer lies first and foremost in the God given abilities for each individual. Secondly, the environment or the time period and the opportunities that are availed by the individual play a huge part in shaping who they really are.

It goes without saying, one of the most fundamental successes are to find our calling, something that we were truly meant to be. Anyone who puts in the required effort can become a doctor, for example, but some people really shine as doctors since they have the necessary skills and the demeanor to be just that good that they exude the aura of success and confidence and people just can’t help but exclaim, that he is really such a good doctor. Or such an exceptional teacher. Or such a creative engineer. Or such a valued mentor. Or such a visionary leader or philanthropist or… You get the idea.

Secondly, the environment and the time period that they find themselves in, is a huge player in shaping their ultimate future. Take Steve Jobs (late, of Apple) or Bill Gates (of Microsoft) or Larry Ellison (of Oracle) or Jeff Bezos (of Amazon) or Elon Musk (of Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity & The Boring Company) as examples. They became great entrepreneurs, each in their own right. You could say that their success depended on their God given abilities plus the environment, time period and opportunities that they availed.

In order to find our true calling, we need to take a hard look at ourselves and pick an area that we can be truly great. Maybe get a good mentor who can pinpoint the right character trait to focus on. They check out the opportunities that are likely all around us that we could utilize to build our own legacy for ourselves.

And Allah knows best.

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