Top 10 Facts about the Janazah

The Janazah is the Muslim Funeral. Here are some facts every Muslim should know about the Janazah:
1-Before the Janazah Muslims have to perform ghusl, or washing the body of the deceased Muslim.
2-A deceased man is washed by a male relative or volunteer and a deceased woman by a female relative or volunteer.
 3-All clothes are removed from the body with private areas covered at all times.
4-After cleaning private areas of any waste the body is then washed three times with a combination of water and scented oils.
5-The body is then wrapped in plain white cloth called a kaffan, which consists of three pieces of material for men and five pieces for women. The kaffan is knotted at the head and feet.
6-Muslims pray for the deceased in a congregational prayer led by an Imam positioned between the mourners and the shrouded body. He stands at the head of the body if the deceased is male and at the middle of the body if female, facing Qibla, (direction of Mecca).
7-Salaatul Janazah (or the Funeral Prayer) is only one unit of prayer, all done standing, with no Ruku or Sujud:
(a) The Imam should raise his hands, recite the Takbeer, and then tie his hands as in all other Salats. Those offering the Salat should follow, and then recite Sana and Surat ul Fatihah silently.
(b) The Imam should say the Takbeer audibly a second time. He may or may not raise his hands while doing this. Others should follow, and then recite Ibraheemiyah silently.
(c) The Imam should recite the Takbeer a third time while others should follow. Then everyone should offer Dua al Mayyah (a prayer for Allah’s mercy to be visited upon the deceased) silently.
(d) The Imam should recite Takbeer a fourth time as above. Everyone should then offer prayers for the Muslim community in general, again silently.
(e) Finally, the Imam should recite Salam as in all other prayers to complete Salat ul Janazah. Salam may be offered once to the right only, or once each to the right and then to the left as in all other prayers. *1
8-The body is then carried to the cemetery for quick burial. While crying is acceptable, exaggerated displays of mourning, like wailing, screaming and the tearing of clothing, is forbidden.
9-Muslims do not bury their dead in caskets, instead Muslims are buried directly in an excavated grave. No possessions should accompany the deceased in the grave and the grave should not be decorated.
10-This is the description for us all. We will all get this. No more no less. So prepare yourself and be ready as Death could come to any of us at anytime.
1-Muslim Burials,
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