The Baker

There was a baker in Baghdad who used to sell bread that was so good people used to come from all over to buy his bread. Some people would give him fake and unacceptable coins to buy the bread. He would take those coins and put them in a separate box and still give them the bread. He would never complain or call them fakers or go after them and always sold his bread with the same love.
When the baker was about to die, he made Du’aa to Allah saying: O Allah you know very well that i used to accept fake unacceptable coins from anyone and still gave them my good smelling good tasting heathy bread. Please accept my fake and unacceptable worship not the quality of worship that you wanted. O Allah my request to you is as I used to forgive your creatures, please forgive me also.
The wise old men say that after he’d died someone in their dream saw him in a high place (in jannah) as he’d been hopeful.

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