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Ramadan Around the World

During my childhood, growing up in Brunei, Ramadan was a magical time. School was off for the entire month of Ramadan. My siblings and I fasted the month of Ramadan from as early as when we were 7 or 8 years old. We used to hang out at home all day reading various books (as well as the Quran), watching the Ramadan programs (in the afternoons), playing badminton right before iftar, sitting around the food spread to break our fast together and going to Taraweeh prayers together as a family.

One program that has remained in my memory after all those years is a show called Ramadan fil Alam (or Ramadan around the world). By the way, another show that I remember from those days is an Arabic Seerah TV series which was awesome and InshaaAllah I’ll write about that in another blog entry.

The unique thing about that program was its candid look at the many Muslim cultures and subcultures around the globe. I’ve been searching for that program online and look ¬†for it every Ramadan but hadn’t been lucky until now. I found 16 of them posted on YouTube (I remember them being a total of 29 or 30 for each day of Ramadan), but this is good collection to get a feel of what the program was all about.

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