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How infinitesimal are we?

I just watched an artist’s rendition of the universe based on current astronomy knowledge. It started off with an object somewhat smaller than our moon, progressing through numerous celestial bodies including the Earth, Mars, Venus, the rest of the planets and the Sun. Then it started to get really scary: the sizes of the stars that are larger than our sun and how they seem to dwarf our sun! Then the super massive giants, then the clusters of stars and the galaxies, then the big black holes that seem to be the scariest. All in all, it took the animated rendition movie about 5 minutes give or take to journey through the thousands of light years of space. The one thing that strikes you the most is: how insignificantly small are we in all of this?

All the human beings from history, from Adam all the way to today, their lives and their joys and problems all amount to a speck of dust in the universe or less.

And yet, there is so much talk of life, of human beings. Think of all the literature that’s been written, all the tales that have been told, all the blood that has been shed, all the triumphs and all the defeats. All of them have been on a speck small in comparison to the vast universe that it seems to be infinitesimal. It is infinitesimal.

Except, Allah has honored human beings. If they are good. Honored them to be better than all of the rest of the Creation. The sky that we witness at night, is but the lowest sky which has been adorned with stars and celestial bodies for us to marvel at. “And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made [from] them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze.” (The Quran, Chapter 67, Verse 5) There are skies, seven of them, beyond our sky which human beings have no way to get to in our present life. Allah created all and everything. The Quran has a lot of information about the universe if we only care to take the time and read it.

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