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Staying on the Straight Path

Being born into the religion of Allah, Islam, is a blessing. However, to be truly guided to Islam, to consciously acknowledge the truth of Islam, to live our lives according to Islam and to stay on Islam until the day we die is the ultimate success. The real challenge is to believe and then persevere with our belief and our actions throughout our lives. For such a life results in eternal bliss in the hereafter.

Every Muslim should work hard to ensure that they are firmly rooted in Islam so they stay on the straight path throughout their lives. This is not to say that they should close their minds or be rigid in their thinking. On the contrary, Islam does want us all to ponder upon the deep questions regarding our existence and the purpose of life itself. Although the Quran spells out the answers to these life questions, it does implore us to use our minds and think.

Our faith is strengthened by our actions. Doing good, speaking the truth, upholding ties of kinship, keeping promises, being kind and sincere, helping the poor, visiting the sick, fasting, giving charity, performing the hajj and praying regularly on time are good deeds that help strengthen our Imaan (our faith). Just saying I’m a Muslim and I believe in Allah is not enough. We also have to back up our words with actions that are consistent with our words.

Living a life knowing its purpose and being sure of it with certainty is a fulfilled life. Living a life not knowing why we’re here or not being sure is not a fulfilled life. Guidance is awarded to people who sincerely seek to be guided. May we be guided and rooted firmly in that guidance until the day we die.

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