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Learning to Rely on Allah

Allah is our Creator and Sustainer, our one and only God. He created us and gave us life and everything that have. Whatever we have been given is from Allah alone. Often times, we see health, wealth and children being granted to people and not realize they are all from Allah. If Allah didn’t will it, it wouldn’t be so. So often we forget that this life is only a test. The real life is ahead of us, when we are resurrected after we have left this life and died. The real test is to rely on Allah alone.

Reliance on Allah means that first we RECOGNIZE this reality which we see everyday. Some people are wealthy. Others are poor. Some healthy, some ill. Some have children, some don’t. The reality is that what we have is all from Allah. He can give whatever He wants to whomever He wants and take away whatever He wants from whomever He wants.

Reliance on Allah also means that we SUBMIT to the will of Allah. This includes placing complete faith in Allah. We must do what pleases Allah and avoid everything that displeases Him. The Messenger of Allah explained it for us and showed how to get it done with his life, as an living example for all of us. We should seek help ONLY from Allah for guidance. We should seek protection ONLY in Allah from all evil. We should submit completely.

Reliance on Allah also requires that we PERSEVERE. When we place our faith in Allah, we will receive many situations that will test our resolve. Therefore we have to stay steadfast and not let our faith shake when faced with any situation. Sometimes we are tested with good times and sometimes we are tried with bad times. If we are grateful to Allah when things are good and patient when we are faced with trying times, we pass our test.

The truly successful are those who RECOGNIZE that everything we have is from Allah, SUBMIT to the will of Allah & PERSEVERE.

And Allah knows best.

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