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Resources for learning the Quran

There are numerous resources available for learning the Quran. As I alluded to earlier, there is not just one subject area when it comes to studying the Quran. Consider the following areas and some of the better resources for studying these that I have found.

Learn to read with proper Tajweed:

The best possible thing you can do to learn Tajweed is to find a reputable Quran teacher, preferably someone whose mother tongue is Arabic. This is to get the most accurate pronunciation for the hard to articulate letters that are unique to the Arabic language.

In addition to learning Tajweed from a good teacher, you can also read up on this topic and watch videos:

I recommend the following book:
Al-Qaa’idah al-Qur’aaniyyah – An Introduction to Tajweed by Qari Muhammad Idrees Asim

I recommend the following video course:
Tajweed Series – By Wisam Sharieff

Learn Arabic for the Quran:

This is a lifelong journey for all serious Muslims particularly those who consider themselves to be students of knowledge. However, there are courses that one can take to get a focused education to really understand the Quran, at least on the elementary level so when you read the commonly recited verses, you actually know what they mean.

I recommend the following book: Learning Arabic Language Of The Quran by Izzath Uroosa
I recommend the following video course:
Learning Arabic Language of the Quran By Dr.Abdussamie

Learning Tafseer of the Quran:

So by now, you’ve learned how to recite the Quran and learned enough Arabic to actually know what the verses mean without relying on translations (for most common words anyway). The next step in our understanding of the Quran is to study the various authentic Tafseer books (also preferably with a reputable teacher). There are several very good books of Tafseer available to us these days. Additionally, there are a lot of good teachers who are teaching Tafseer in class rooms. Find and attend a good Tafseer class in your local area.

I recommend the following book: Tafseer ibn Katheer
I recommend the following video course: Dr Israr Ahmed Tafseer of Quran English

If you speak Urdu, there is a great resource available in Dr Israr Ahmed (Rahimahullah, May Allah have mercy on his soul): his explanation of the Quran are available in books and Multimedia (Audio/Video) formats.

And Allah knows best.

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