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Birds in the Sky

Why worry about our sustenance when Allah provided for us when we were babies and entirely dependent on our parents, May Allah bless them for taking care of us. Why worry about our sustenance when Allah feeds every creature, big and small? Why worry about our sustenance when Allah has promised that sustenance is His to provide? We worry because of the weakness in our faith or complete lack thereof.

It is strange that as intelligent as we human beings are, we completely ignore our intellect when it comes to sustenance. We completely ignore what we observe. We completely rely on our own assumptions which we have made up. We assume we are responsible for our sustenance. What we ignore is the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea and animals in the wild. Even the insects. Even the microbes. Even the kings and queens of the world. They all depend on Allah alone for their sustenance. If Allah stopped the sun from shining and giving us life supporting warmth or the atmosphere from providing us the air we breathe or the water from quenching our thirst or from plants and animals from being the source of food and energy for our survival.

All we need to remember is that we didn’t come into this world by our own choice. Our Creator created us into existence and put it on this planet and He promised us sustenance. We do need to work for it but we needn’t worry about it. If we increase and strengthen our faith in Allah, we will find that the worry will diminish and disappear. We are here for a purpose. Recognize what that purpose it and we will find our hearts will be at peace as we work on that greater purpose. And Allah will take care of our sustenance just as he takes care of the sustenance of innumerable birds in the sky.

And Allah knows best.

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