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Thoughtless Bad Design

Among the things that really and truly twist my tail is thoughtless bad design for everyday stuff. The lazy production of mediocre garbage that fills the markets from a toilet plunger that won’t plunge crap (quite literally) to the can opener which won’t quite open cans if the engineer’s life depended on it.

I’m not a designer and I don’t make much of anything tangible (unless you print what I make) but I am an avid user of everyday stuff and I can say that bad design is everywhere. Cars are designed badly. Yes they are. Home appliances are designed badly. Everyday use products that are needed around the home are designed with hardly a design concept that can be called as such. What is the point of making products that don’t last, that ruin the environment, that don’t do what the consumer really wants it to do? Would you buy a blender that would break if you used it a few times, knowing full well when you bought it that there was a pretty good chance it would because it looks like a design disaster? Yes we would. Because we don’t know any better.

I get that there is a price to pay for quality and design of products but there needs to be a threshold of how useful, user-friendly and usable a product is before it can make it to the supermarket shelves around the world. I mean come on. There is a slew of products in the market these days that any self-respecting person would never want to have their name on it. If there was an ounce of self-respect left the manufacturer would have not let the product past their quality control.

It seems that the only motive for the manufacturer was to get the product made as cheaply as possible to make the consumer pay a price and buy it. It needs only to be marginally functional and the knuckleheads we are as customers, we would buy it. There is no real incentive for the manufacturer to build something they can be proud of. Forget about manufacturing products that last or products that can be considered as sustainable environmentally friendly products.

More on this later.

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