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Learn Mathematics on YouTube

Who doesn’t love Mathematics? Actually, I think most people I know don’t really like Maths. And I believe the reason for this is primarily the lack of good Maths teachers. Teaching is tough and if you don’t love it, you will likely not be able to do a good job of it. And Maths is an important subject in high school and has long reaching and long lasting impacts on the lives of students. Mathematics does matter a lot in everyday life. I used to think when would I ever need such and such concept from Mathematics as well. But you’d be surprised.

If you’ve had good Maths teachers, chances are that you’ll love or really like Maths. On the other hand, if you’ve had mediocre Maths teachers or worse, then you might just hate Maths. Teachers play a huge role in students’ lives, some of them might not even be aware. I’ve been blessed to have absolutely legendary Maths teachers wherever I went to school. So I really like Mathematics. I wouldn’t say I absolutely love Maths, but I do really appreciate and enjoy it. I really love Physics. But I digress.

I recently discovered a fantastic YouTube channel where an Australian Maths teacher makes Mathematics fun. Mr. Eddie Woo’s channel, called WooTube ( is filled with videos of Mathematics classes where he demystifies Mathematics concepts for his students and the world. His style of teaching had me hooked and I binge watched several videos such as his Visual Proof of the Pythagoras’ Theorem

and the one about Thinking Deeply about Simple Things

Since I love Physics, I also found some really interesting Physics channel on YouTube, For the Allure of Physics. Do check it out:

Finally, if you know how to teach and love explaining concepts to others, you might want to try teaching as a career. If you’re good, you have a real chance to make a huge impact on the lives of many students.

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