Health Is a Huge Blessing

Our health is a huge blessing from Allah. We don’t realize how truly big a blessing good health is until we get sick, may Allah always keep us in good health. We should never take good health for granted and thank Allah for the good health. Alhamdulillah! Always take care of our good health. We should watch what we eat and drink, avoid everything that is hazardous to our health as much as possible (including processed foods). We should also keep an active lifestyle, walking, jogging, running or biking for a few minutes daily. This is the bare minimum we should do to keep us healthy. Although this is all common sense, but it is not very common as a practice.

I have generally had good health but have had some problems recently due to the terrible amount of pollution of every imaginable type in my environment. I generally avoid taking medication unless it is absolutely necessary, may we never have to take any medication. With the help of Allah, I am recovering now, Alhamdulillah. It has made me miss praying at the mosque which by far is the biggest disadvantage. Aside from the pain and suffering, may Allah protect us from sickness and disease.

The environment is a really important factor in our health and well being. A good environment is supremely important for our physical, mental or spiritual well-being. I have been irritated with the lack of care for the environment and it has recently affected my health. I am writing a research paper on the subject of pollution, it’s numerous hazards and suggest some practical solutions that everyone can actually act on to contribute to a better environment, inshaaAllah. Pollution is not something to be taken lightly. No matter what aspect we look at pollution, it is nothing but bad news. We need to work hard to root it out and keep it at bay for good. May we succeed in this endeavor.

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Thoughtless Bad Design

Among the things that really and truly twist my tail is thoughtless bad design for everyday stuff. The lazy production of mediocre garbage that fills the markets from a toilet plunger that won’t plunge crap (quite literally) to the can opener which won’t quite open cans if the engineer’s life depended on it.

I’m not a designer and I don’t make much of anything tangible (unless you print what I make) but I am an avid user of everyday stuff and I can say that bad design is everywhere. Cars are designed badly. Yes they are. Home appliances are designed badly. Everyday use products that are needed around the home are designed with hardly a design concept that can be called as such. What is the point of making products that don’t last, that ruin the environment, that don’t do what the consumer really wants it to do? Would you buy a blender that would break if you used it a few times, knowing full well when you bought it that there was a pretty good chance it would because it looks like a design disaster? Yes we would. Because we don’t know any better.

I get that there is a price to pay for quality and design of products but there needs to be a threshold of how useful, user-friendly and usable a product is before it can make it to the supermarket shelves around the world. I mean come on. There is a slew of products in the market these days that any self-respecting person would never want to have their name on it. If there was an ounce of self-respect left the manufacturer would have not let the product past their quality control.

It seems that the only motive for the manufacturer was to get the product made as cheaply as possible to make the consumer pay a price and buy it. It needs only to be marginally functional and the knuckleheads we are as customers, we would buy it. There is no real incentive for the manufacturer to build something they can be proud of. Forget about manufacturing products that last or products that can be considered as sustainable environmentally friendly products.

More on this later.

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Start with my own example

We all want to see improvements in the society around us. We all want clean water, fresh air, beautiful vegetation, garbage free surroundings and a pleasant safe and secure environment. We all want to live in a better world. We all want our families to feel safe and sound. We all want the good things in life. In an ideal world, people would come together and resolve societal issues together as a loving community. There would be systems in place to safeguard the environment, fresh water and clean air would be the norm and garbage would be recycled responsibly. And the whole world would be safe and secure for everyone.

However, since we don’t live in an ideal world, it is on our shoulders to come up with ways to fix the problems one by one. We could try to get everyone to do the right thing but fail miserably because we can’t tell people what to do or what not to do. We should be the change that we want to see in the world. If we ourselves change for the better and everyday live our life with the goal of making the world a better place for everyone to live, we would inspire individuals, one by one, slowly but surely to also do the same. First make the intention and a concerted effort to do the right thing ourselves and do it often and in plain sight for others to see and learn from. Good habits can also be contagious if they are done with this mindset. Infect others with the desire to make our environment better in every way we possibly can. Do not be disheartened by people who don’t wish to change and have no concern for the environment. Keep at it sincerely and it will catch on. InshaaAllah!

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