Learning a Second or Third Language

Learning languages is a great way to learn about another culture and give yourself access to a whole new world through the wealth of literature. I believe some people have an innate ability to learn new languages faster than others but anyone can learn a new language if they really want to and they put in the required effort to acquire the new language.

In this day and age, learning some languages has become very easy. Some of the more popular languages have tons of material available to help new learners acquire the language. Language learning has become more easy and affordable due to the Internet and mobile applications. One can download a free app and learn any language without leaving their home. Duolingo and Memrise are two such apps that offer a ton of languages and all for free or almost free.

In order to learn a language, motivation of some kind is needed. It could be anything from a desire to speak the language with natives while traveling or to get a job or study abroad. It could be as simple as wanting to enjoy the literature or other media in the local language. Whatever your motivation is, it is important because motivation makes the task less daunting. Depending on the motivation, you’ll have a different approach to learning. If you’re really interested in the literature, you can study the language from that aspect and not have to worry about the conversational part of it which could be quite different. Furthermore, the speaking & listening skills are very different from reading & writing abilities when it comes to languages.

I have been learning Arabic as a second language for a few years now. My motivation has been to learn Arabic to be able to understand the Quran and Hadith in its original text, without having to rely on translations. My focus has been literature rather than speaking.

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